BASIC SOCCER SKILLS GUIDE For Coaches, Players and Parents.

About the author: Andre Gorzynski has been coaching soccer for over 30 years. He still actively plays the game at the ripe age of 66! Andre played soccer in France during his teen years, in addition to high school and college soccer in Rochester, N.Y. There he was a distinguished member of the team that won the NJCAA Nationals. He was a two-time First Team All-America and had the honor of a “Faces in the Crowd” photo and caption in Sports Illustrated. Having played and coached soccer for so many years, Andre realized that there are  crucial requirements necessary for optimum player development. Those being a thorough understanding of the pure fundamentals of the game: trapping, passing and controlling the ball. Without these basic requirements it is virtually impossible to master the game of soccer and possess the capability to execute your knowledge of the game. This became Andre’s primary objective in the development of this manual which can be utilized by players of all ages and skill level.